The Laurel Wreath Trilogy

The Laurel Wreath

Introducing The Laurel Wreath, a dynamic Historical Fiction Trilogy that examines human and political failings through a modern lens.

The first novel in the The Laurel Wreath Trilogy, Second Chances, takes place against the brutal and racially charged backdrop of the American Civil War. The main characters are the men and women of the Gray family, plantation owners in South Carolina. The second novel in The Laurel Wreath Trilogy, Rage, is set primarily in the early 1900’s. The final novel in the trilogy, Revolution, takes place in the aftermath of two world wars and continues into the hopeful, and volatile, 1960’s. The Laurel Wreath Trilogy examines humane failings, frailties and strengths, and focuses on our capacity to love, hate, and demonize others.

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